The Movement

We want to spread insurance knowledge among drivers in the state of California to help more individuals and businesses to open and upkeep their insurance policies.

About Us

Simple Way Insurance Services is here to provide you with insurance knowledge about your personalized coverages that include but are not limited to auto, motorcycle, boat, homeowners, renters, life. etc. We have access to multiple insurance companies in the state of California and our goal is to customize the best possible coverage with the lowest price for our clients. Our insurance professionals compare rates for you as they educate you about insurance with specialized knowledge and professional underwriting skills.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is very simple and straight forward. We stand by the most important values a business should stand by… Trust, Understanding, Respect, and Loyalty.

Money is replaceable, but time never counts up...

We know insurance shopping is time consuming and tedious so we strive to be courteous of your time. Buying the insurance is one thing, keeping and maintaining the policy is another. However you want to do your insurance shopping, we cater to you. Call, Text, Email, Tweet, or in person, we are here to get you started. After you’ve got your proof of coverage, we’re still here for you! Our customer service department keeps up with the maintenance of your policy to minimize your 1-800 number calling or in some cases you never have to hear an automated voice again!

Next Steps...

Insurance has a language of its own and there are so many “what if’s” left unanswered. We want you to understand your coverages to the fullest. This way, you can gain the most benefits out of your insurance policy. Our team will take the time to read your coverages and interpret your policy for you. FREE OF CHARGE. The policy does not have to be written by Simple Way Insurance Services and you have no obligation to ever become a customer of Simple Way Insurance Services. This service is only intended to better our communities and spread knowledge through the state of California.